Have a fabulous summer break!

To our Graduates, we wish you all the best on your upcoming endeavours!

To all our returning and new students, we look forward to seeing you in the fall! 

To all our returning and new staff, we look forward to seeing you in the fall as well!

Spend these lazy, hazy days of summer wisely!

Fall Registration Dates

Grade 12 - Monday, August 28th - Last name starting with letters A-L 9:00am; Last name starting with letters M-Z at 1:00 pm

Grade 11 - Tuesday, August 29th - Last name starting with letters A-L 9:00am; Last name starting with letters M-Z at 1:00 pm

Grade 10 - Wednesday, August 30th - Last name starting with letters A-L 9:00am; Last name starting with letters M-Z at 1:00 pm

Grade 9 - Thursday, August 31st - Last name starting with letters A-L 9:00am; Last name starting with letters M-Z at 1:00 pm

Students will be assigned lockers, textbooks, receive timetables and pay fees. Payment may be made by cash , cheque issued to WCHS, or online at

Students enrolled in GOALS, RLS, and ALS programs will register on the first day of classes, September 5th.

2017 2018 School Registration For Students Residing Within WCHS District

WCHS - Completing Registration Form – Options

Option 1 – Manually fill in and sign paper forms which you can pick up from the WCHS Office

Option 2 – Go to  Registration Form 2017-2018 and download the form, fill in on-line, print and sign.

Option 3 - Go to Registration Form 2017-2018 download the form, fill in on-line, follow the directions below for digital signature and attach to e-mail and submit to WCHS via


How to insert a digital signature into a fillable form


  1. Open file using Adobe Acrobat
  2. Click on signature field
  3. Pick option of “A new digital ID I want to create now” and click Next
  4. Pick option “Windows Certificate Store”
  5. Fill in necessary boxes then click “okay”
  6. In the “Appearance” drop box, click “Create new appearance” 
  7. In the new box, under configure graphic click “imported graphic” and choose the You can browse your files on your computer for the proper image
  8. Your image may not appear at first glance in the correct fold If the image is a JEP, you need to indicate the file type in the drop down menu “files of type” and then it should appear. If it is any other type of document you will find that corresponding file type in the drop down menu.
  9. Click “okay”
  10. The signature should now appear in the “preview” section.
  11. Under configure text, click off all the boxes (remove checkmarks). This will remove all of the text in the preview box that originally accompanied the digital signatur Now all that should be left is just the signature.
  12. Press “OK”
  13. Click sign
  14. It may ask you to resave the document. This is because once the digital signature is inserted the document cannot be altered. Please make sure to complete the entire form before inserting the digital signature.
  15. Once you resave the file the signature should appear in signature field box.

Follow Us on Twitter!

Students and parents, please follow us on Twitter! You can find us by searching for: @wchschool

Our goal is to inform you of upcoming events that will be taking place at the school, and profiling some of the many positive things that take place at WCHS.

Sabres Pride Wear

WCHS is excited to offer Pride Wear for staff, students, friends and family on a year-round basis. It is as easy as clicking on the link below and following the directions.



My Pass

Alberta Education set up myPass for students to access, view and order their diploma results, transcripts, register for a diploma re-write, etc.  Results statements will no longer be mailed to studentsStudents need their 9 digit Alberta Student Number  and a non-school related e-mail address (NOT the wrps g-share) to create an account on the website. 

If you do not know or have your 9 digit Alberta Student Number, it is on your report card, or you can ask for it at Student Services or the Front Office or the Library. Click on the link below for instructions on how to sign up for your mypass account.

Alberta Government My Pass for Students


Student and Parent Login

Students and parents can check attendance and course marks by clicking on the link below:

Think Digital Citizenship!

What does digital citizenship mean? The division's Responsible Technology Use Agreement outlines what a student and staff member should, and should not do when using technology. We all have a role to play.

Ready to Roll...Sheds for Sale!

Pictured: 8X10 shed built in Construction 30 (Grade 12)

Pictured: 8X10 shed built in Construction 30 (Grade 12)

There are 2 of each size.

8x8 @ $30/ft = $1920

8x10 @ $30/ft = $2400

All are sided with 1 foot over hangs and aluminum soffits and fascia has been installed. They sport 4'X6' doors.

If you would like more information please call the office and ask for Mr. Winters, before or after regular school hours.

WCHS Modernization

The Government of Alberta has awarded Wetaskiwin Composite High School a 19 million dollar grant to conduct a major renovation and modernization.  Please click on the link below to view the upcoming modernization plan slated for September 2017.

WCHS Modernization Plan (1.3 MB)

Latest Updates

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February 20, 2016: Modernization Photos Set #6 

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January 13, 2016: Alberta Health Services Environmental Inspection

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